Torim Thundershield

Owner of the Rusty Anvil Keep


A veteran battle dwarf with scars to prove it, Torim stands at a whopping height of 4’ 4". Always brandishing his axe at his side which besides this not much more than basic clothing.


Torim Thundershield is known to the heroes as the owner of the Rusty Anvil Keep, which is nothing more than an inn north of the Port City of Narwick. It is known to the heroes that Torim is a fan of gold and all things profit. He will do what he can to turn a gold piece and enjoys the finer things in life, such as ale. It was discovered that Torim has a simple forge in a barn near his keep with a hidden ale cellar. Not much more is known to the heroes at this time other than that he is protective of his business, denying quarter and sustenance to no one who has coin. It was noted to the heroes by Torim that he is not a native of the kingdom of Samarach and originally presides from Baldur’s Gate.

Torim Thundershield

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