Forgotten Realms 'Shards of Ancient Rune'

Abandoned towers of the arcane
The captain then revealed himself to really be a gold dragon (Auralieus Tiramar). They were told their quest next led to three abandoned arcane towers on the northside of Natwick. The party headed towards the towers and had to venture through a segregated part of the town and looked run down and the people living in squalor. The party rested and Ivan Bearclaw was approached by a small twitchy man and he offered to sell him information on the towers. Ivan got frustrated by his insistence on pay and began throwing coins at him until he told him what he wanted and was also given a key. However because of Ivan getting frustrated with the small man he forgot most of the information he had paid for. The party entered the south tower with the key and then approached a room with a fountain in the middle which triggered a trap and sealed the party save the bard in the room. The statues in the room then launched magic missile spells at the party trapped within and they finally disabled the trap by putting coins into the fountain. The party then proceeded forward into the tower and encountered a red wizard hiding in his room. Rath hit the wizard with a wrathful smite after he ambushed him and Tarus with a cone of cold and he ran right into the waiting arms of Ivan. The adventurers then found a magic circle that was a transporter to another tower.

The adventurers made their way to the next tower and they encountered another room like the first tower and this one had torches lining the walls. After Slinker discovered the torches were actually levers he began pulling them and after the first one water began filling into the room he then pulled more and his hand became stuck to one of them and he then noticed a snake crawl up his leg. Ivan pulled a torch and he was flung across the room and where there torch he pulled was two wolf men appeared whom he engaged in combat and the Druid turned into a ant and entered one of the water pipes. Rath went to check on Slinker and wondered why he was hitting himself and pulled down his pants and noticed he didnt seem to be in his right mind. Rath then attempted to destroy the torch his arm was stuck too and missed and nailed him in the face which made him regain his senses. Slinker then found one of the torches was a illusion and a real torch needed to be put in its place which ended the trap and opened the doors to the room.
The adventurers then entered a room which appeared to be a bar and rest area. Tarus found a painting in the room and had Ivan try to move it to no avail. Tarus then noticed the man in the painting moved and looked at Ivan. He then shot a magic missile at Ivan with his staff but only he saw it. Rath then attacked the painting and appeared to damage the man in the painting which only Tarus saw this and then lit the painting on fire which appeared to destroy it and Ivan then teabagged the painting in frustration.
The party then encountered weird happenings while exploring the rest of the tower and it appeared the mages here had a odd sense of humor. In one of the next rooms the party found a gobloniod statue dancing in the middle of the room. Tarus and the druid began performing for it and the statue began mocking what the druid was doing.

Under the Mountain Part 2

The party continued forward into the last chamber they had yet to search and noticed it was pitched in darkness. Tarus being the only one with darkvision stealthed forward into the cave tunnel and spotted a giant skeleton with a small group of skeletons, wights, and ghouls. The party then came up with a plan to use some pouches of black powder they found near the creatures and Tarus used his invisibility spell to plant the powder and the mysterious druid used his flaming sphere to ignite it. A large explosion proceeded and then after the dust cleared the adventurers advanced to battle. The adventurers finished off the undead and then exited the cavern into the sunlight and saw the city of Narwick ahead. The party then headed to the bastion in town and spoke with the captain of the guard.

Under the Mountain
The party ventured forth from the chamber they fell in to encounter a loud booming voice claiming to be Throg the orc king. The adventurers encountered a portcullis which Ivan Bearclaw was able to raise up about a foot and Tarus Bloodheart was able to sneak under and saw a few hunched over humanoid shapes and as Tarus was looking into that chamber the party was attacked from behind by a group of skeletons which Rath Demaran turned and brandished his holy symbol and used his Turn the Unholy ability to scare most of the skeletons away. The party then finished off the skeletons who didn’t run and the voiced boomed throughout the chamber again issuing them the next challenge which then opened the portcullis ahead. The party then encountered a group of ghouls which Ivan rushed and then was struck and paralyzed by one of them. The party was able to defeat the ghouls in time to encounter the skeletons who returned from being turned. The party killed the skeletons and then the voice issued a final challenge where a group of zombies lead by a decayed swordsman encountered the party. The party found they could not hurt the swordsman with their normal weapons and then the druid who the party found in the beginning chamber was able to harm it with his magic. Tarus Bloodheart then dosed Ivan and Rath’s weapons with holy water and Rath was able to deal a devastating blow to the swordsman and decapitated him. Rath found a shiny long sword inscribed with the same ancient writing the party has been seeing. Angering the voice by defeating the swordsman he sent the orcs who were watching to finish off the party. The party then finished off some of the orcs and made it to the safety of a temple room where they were able to rest. The party then found a large throne room and in one of the doors behind they found a priest who was barricaded in a room and claimed to be a guardian of the tomes and that his people worship the deity Palagorn the lord of light. The throne room use to belong to Carlos Narwick the founder of the city. His name was the keeper of the tombs and he has been there for about two years. The party rested for the night in the priests fortified room and then they returned through the throne room and entered the double doors and encountered another group of skeletons in a crypt room. The party then advanced into the necromancers chamber after besting his animated armor guards. The wizard issued them a ultimatum to join him against Warwick or seal thier fates. Rath advanced forward grasping him holy amulet and turned the unholy to disperse his skeleton army and leave a open lane to reach the wizard who was silenced by Tarus’s spell and then was held by his hold person spell. After heavily wounding the wizard Tarus then kicked over the boiling pot in the middle of the room and blinded most of the party. The party recovered from the blindness and some shadows appeared and join the skeletons in attacking the party. Rath was able to damage the shadows with his sword and the combined efforts of the druids flaming sphere and Ivans strikes brought down the wizard and Tarus recovered a magical mace on the wizard which he was able to use against the shadows. The party was able to destroy the remaining skeletons and shadows to win the battle.
Mountain Exploration
Upon entering the cave behind the waterfall Akmenos handed the power crystal to Ivan Bearclaw who dropped it and it gave out a explosive effect. The rest of the adventurers joined them and they encountered a party of orcs further into the cave. The adveturers came upon a kitchen where they heard the drums of a orc war party approaching with about 60+ orcs. Ivan Bearclaw then called out one of the orcs who asked what he was doing there and replied in orchish “Eating yo food” and rushed headlong into battle. Once seeing they were outnumbered and Ivan realizing he may have made a slight tactical error Tarus Bloodheart came up with the plan of jumping off the cliff to the floor 600 feet below and cast feather fall on the party so they would land safely below. The party then encountered a group of orcs below and killed all but one of them to interrogate later.
Journey to the mountains
The adventurers left on a two week journey to the mountain entrance. They were told there was a safe spot to rest 5 days down the road at a ruined keep called the Rusty Anvil that is occupied by a dwarf named Torim Thundershield. The captain from the ship Henrich Roomrift was found journying down the same road and the captain was questioned as to whyAkmenos was bound in shackles and the captain replied that he was paid 200gp in Waterdeep by some guys in red armor to escort Akmenos to the city of Narwick and someone would meet him at the docks for the transfer. On the second day the adventurers came upon the site of a battle and the banners had a symbol of a hammer with a crescent moon above it with a star beneath it. The other group of people in the battle had no symbol. Ivan looked for tracks and found that they had tracks going down the road in the direction we are traveling. The adventurers finally came up upon the keep the high priest told them about. They were greeted by Torim Thundershield and also Ivan noticed that the tracks they followed from the battle led to the gate of the keep. Torim was lying about seeing the men from the battle when Tarus Bloodheart caught him lying about it. Torim ended up killing four members of the group clad in blackarmor which are known as the Dark Shade Alliance. The adventurers bought a map off of Torim and it led them to a waterfall where the power crystal Akmenos began pulsating red.
Investigation into Undead Attack on Narwick
The adventurers find out the burial tomb in the town was sealed by a huge rock and now they burn their dead and do not bury them. The adventurers found out there was once a entrance into the mountain near the town.
The City of Narwick

Rath gave the coins he found on the metal ship to the friendly traders that gave the adventurers a ride. Rath Demaran and Akmenos investigated the temple and the locals would only say thier deity was known as the lord. Akmenos found the writing in the temple was in celestial which he could read. It appears the town has no books about magic and they may be afraid of magic or possibly have banned it. We were awoken by screams and went below where Ivan Bearclaw broke down the secured tavern door. Rath Demaran used divine presence to detect their was undead nearby and the adventurers encountered skeletons who had killed some of the town guards in the street. The adventurers crushed the skeletons in the battle in the streets. The adventurers preceded down the street to the market area where they encountered more skeletons and also some of the city guard with a clergyman fighting the skeletons. The adventurers won the battle with no casualties.

Journey to Narwick
The adventurers left Waterdeep on thier journey to Narwick and along the way their ship encountered a metal steam powered ship that attacked them and boarded the ship. We boarded the steel ship and the party found two gnomes controlling the engines and Tarus had them shut off the engines which disabled the ship. Ivan then killed the Gnomes after Tarus ordered him to attack them. Ackmenos then took the crystal power core of the ship which was no longer glowing. We then escaped the ship on a makeshift raft and encountered a storm which washed us ashore. Rath then lost his red knight shield in the storm and the adventurers made their way to the nearest town with the help of some kindly traders. The adventurers then entered the city of Narwick which was on lockdown from a curfew at night.
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