Forgotten Realms 'Shards of Ancient Rune'

Under the Mountain

The party ventured forth from the chamber they fell in to encounter a loud booming voice claiming to be Throg the orc king. The adventurers encountered a portcullis which Ivan Bearclaw was able to raise up about a foot and Tarus Bloodheart was able to sneak under and saw a few hunched over humanoid shapes and as Tarus was looking into that chamber the party was attacked from behind by a group of skeletons which Rath Demaran turned and brandished his holy symbol and used his Turn the Unholy ability to scare most of the skeletons away. The party then finished off the skeletons who didn’t run and the voiced boomed throughout the chamber again issuing them the next challenge which then opened the portcullis ahead. The party then encountered a group of ghouls which Ivan rushed and then was struck and paralyzed by one of them. The party was able to defeat the ghouls in time to encounter the skeletons who returned from being turned. The party killed the skeletons and then the voice issued a final challenge where a group of zombies lead by a decayed swordsman encountered the party. The party found they could not hurt the swordsman with their normal weapons and then the druid who the party found in the beginning chamber was able to harm it with his magic. Tarus Bloodheart then dosed Ivan and Rath’s weapons with holy water and Rath was able to deal a devastating blow to the swordsman and decapitated him. Rath found a shiny long sword inscribed with the same ancient writing the party has been seeing. Angering the voice by defeating the swordsman he sent the orcs who were watching to finish off the party. The party then finished off some of the orcs and made it to the safety of a temple room where they were able to rest. The party then found a large throne room and in one of the doors behind they found a priest who was barricaded in a room and claimed to be a guardian of the tomes and that his people worship the deity Palagorn the lord of light. The throne room use to belong to Carlos Narwick the founder of the city. His name was the keeper of the tombs and he has been there for about two years. The party rested for the night in the priests fortified room and then they returned through the throne room and entered the double doors and encountered another group of skeletons in a crypt room. The party then advanced into the necromancers chamber after besting his animated armor guards. The wizard issued them a ultimatum to join him against Warwick or seal thier fates. Rath advanced forward grasping him holy amulet and turned the unholy to disperse his skeleton army and leave a open lane to reach the wizard who was silenced by Tarus’s spell and then was held by his hold person spell. After heavily wounding the wizard Tarus then kicked over the boiling pot in the middle of the room and blinded most of the party. The party recovered from the blindness and some shadows appeared and join the skeletons in attacking the party. Rath was able to damage the shadows with his sword and the combined efforts of the druids flaming sphere and Ivans strikes brought down the wizard and Tarus recovered a magical mace on the wizard which he was able to use against the shadows. The party was able to destroy the remaining skeletons and shadows to win the battle.


Mysterious LordRath

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