Forgotten Realms 'Shards of Ancient Rune'

The City of Narwick

Rath gave the coins he found on the metal ship to the friendly traders that gave the adventurers a ride. Rath Demaran and Akmenos investigated the temple and the locals would only say thier deity was known as the lord. Akmenos found the writing in the temple was in celestial which he could read. It appears the town has no books about magic and they may be afraid of magic or possibly have banned it. We were awoken by screams and went below where Ivan Bearclaw broke down the secured tavern door. Rath Demaran used divine presence to detect their was undead nearby and the adventurers encountered skeletons who had killed some of the town guards in the street. The adventurers crushed the skeletons in the battle in the streets. The adventurers preceded down the street to the market area where they encountered more skeletons and also some of the city guard with a clergyman fighting the skeletons. The adventurers won the battle with no casualties.


Mysterious LordRath

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