Forgotten Realms 'Shards of Ancient Rune'

Journey to the mountains

The adventurers left on a two week journey to the mountain entrance. They were told there was a safe spot to rest 5 days down the road at a ruined keep called the Rusty Anvil that is occupied by a dwarf named Torim Thundershield. The captain from the ship Henrich Roomrift was found journying down the same road and the captain was questioned as to whyAkmenos was bound in shackles and the captain replied that he was paid 200gp in Waterdeep by some guys in red armor to escort Akmenos to the city of Narwick and someone would meet him at the docks for the transfer. On the second day the adventurers came upon the site of a battle and the banners had a symbol of a hammer with a crescent moon above it with a star beneath it. The other group of people in the battle had no symbol. Ivan looked for tracks and found that they had tracks going down the road in the direction we are traveling. The adventurers finally came up upon the keep the high priest told them about. They were greeted by Torim Thundershield and also Ivan noticed that the tracks they followed from the battle led to the gate of the keep. Torim was lying about seeing the men from the battle when Tarus Bloodheart caught him lying about it. Torim ended up killing four members of the group clad in blackarmor which are known as the Dark Shade Alliance. The adventurers bought a map off of Torim and it led them to a waterfall where the power crystal Akmenos began pulsating red.


Mysterious LordRath

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