Forgotten Realms 'Shards of Ancient Rune'

Journey to Narwick

The adventurers left Waterdeep on thier journey to Narwick and along the way their ship encountered a metal steam powered ship that attacked them and boarded the ship. We boarded the steel ship and the party found two gnomes controlling the engines and Tarus had them shut off the engines which disabled the ship. Ivan then killed the Gnomes after Tarus ordered him to attack them. Ackmenos then took the crystal power core of the ship which was no longer glowing. We then escaped the ship on a makeshift raft and encountered a storm which washed us ashore. Rath then lost his red knight shield in the storm and the adventurers made their way to the nearest town with the help of some kindly traders. The adventurers then entered the city of Narwick which was on lockdown from a curfew at night.


Mysterious LordRath

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